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Provector technology in March 7 issue of Autocar

lcshpvbattProvector is a member of the consortium behind the Low Carbon Super Hybrid vehicle which is featured in the March 7 issue of Autocar magazine.

The LC Super Hybrid project, funded by the Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC), brought together technology and expertise from Control Power Technologies (CPT), Valeo, Exide, AVL Schrick, Mubea and Provector to demonstrate that significant CO2 reductions can be achieved through electric supercharging and hybridisation at low voltages using the latest lead-carbon batteries.  The modified VW Passat 1.4 TSI achieves a comparable performance to larger engine diesel models at significantly lower cost with greatly improved driveability.

Provector, as hybrid technology specialists, supplied the high-performance battery management system.  This optimises the use of the lead carbon batteries when operated under high current duty cycles whilst significantly improving their durability.  Provector also designed light-weight low-impedance busbars which facilitated the connection of the boot-mounted batteries to the high-powered electric units.

The LC Super Hybrid vehicle with the Provector technology on-board will be presented on the Swiss Association e'mobile stand (5141) in the centre of the main hall at the Geneva Motor Show from 6th to 18th March.

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