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Provector's 610 series inverters shown at DVD

unit_200Provector's 610 Military Series Inverters were shown on the MoD High Voltage Demonstrator Warrior 2000 vehicle and the QinetiQ stand during September's DVD event at Millbrook.

Visitors were able to see the installation of the inverters in both the main engine and APU engine compartments.  The unit's ability to operate at the high ambient temperatures found in these areas (up to  100°C) greatly simplifies the installation and optimises performance in the 600V DC generation application developed by the project team led by QinetiQ and including BAE Systems and Provector.

The inverters interface high performance permanent magnet generators developed by QinetiQ to the 600V DC distribution bus.  A special feature offered by the Provector inverter in generator applications is the ability to operate in parallel with similar units with a controllable, stable power share between the units.  This is particularly useful when bringing units on and off line.

A further feature is the ability to use the inverter/generator combination to start the APU.