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Low Carbon Super Hybrid Vehicle launched at the Geneva Motor Show

cimg0455_1000_750_650The Low Carbon Super Hybrid (LCSH) car was unveiled at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.  Considerable interest has been generated in the vehicle worldwide as it provides a lower-cost solution to achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions than existing diesel or hybrid cars, whilst offering better driveability.  The vehicle was recently featured in an article in Autocar Magazine.

Provector supplied the high-performance Battery Management System.  This optimises the use of the lead carbon batteries used in the vehicle when operated under high current duty cycles whilst significantly improving their durability.  Provector also designed light-weight low-impedance busbars which facilitated the connection of the boot-mounted batteries to the high-powered electric units.

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LC Super Hybrid handout at Geneva Motor Show 2012 

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